Next Steps With NCSA

1. Join the network.

Recruiting starts now—it’s never too early.

There’s hundreds of thousands of college athletic opportunities out there, and you’ll have a better chance of finding one that’s right for you by starting your search as soon as possible. Join the NCSA network by creating your free student athlete profile and informing your parents. Upload your academic and athletic information. Start getting educated on the process.


2. Get evaluated.

Find out where you stand—and how to get better.

How do you know which athletic programs to target? Begin with an evaluation by an objective third party that coaches trust. NCSA’s team of former college coaches and players will tell you exactly how you stack up against the competition for scholarships and roster spots. We do this seven days a week, free of charge. And if you’re not where you’d like to be, we can help you improve everything from your SAT score to your bench press.



3. Target your schools.

Focus on the schools you want—and are most likely to want you.

What’s important to you? In creating your shortlist of colleges, you’ll want to consider academic programs, size, location, reputation and composition of the student body among many other things. NCSA’s Recruit-Match tool is a massive online database with information about colleges to help you narrow your selection. And our Recruiting Coaches have years of experience and thousands of personal relationships with college coaches to help you make the choice that’s right for you.


4. Get in front of the right coaches.

Coaches discover prospects using databases like ours.

Coaches look to trusted and objective databases when looking for athletes. Our network of coaches is the largest in the country, in large part because the powerful tools we have developed make it easy for them to sort and identify prospects. Our Recruit-Match system helps you track down coaches at your target schools, and becoming a verified member of NCSA gives you the tools to reach out to them. Coaches are restricted in how they can communicate with athletes, especially underclassmen, so much of your contact with them will be indirect at first. Fill out questionnaires, attend camps, and email coaches about yourself (you’ll want to include a link to your recruiting profile in the email—it tells them most of what they need to know about you). You want their attention so you can be in contact with them when the real recruiting begins.


5. Connect directly with coaches.

NCSA technology helps you talk with coaches and distribute your video.

If the coaches at your target schools are interested in recruiting you, the next step will be to communicate with them directly. They may send you handwritten letters or personal emails. You’ll respond to their questions and ask some of your own. You might speak with them on the phone. NCSA Recruiting Coaches will work with you so you know the right questions to ask and the ones you should be prepared to answer. If this goes well, you’ll make official visits to the schools in which you have the most interest. This is a chance for you to learn more about the school and its athletic program and for the coaches there to learn more about you. Our team will prepare you to make the most of your visits from the moment you set foot on campus.


6. Sign and play

This is where all your hard work pays off.

If you’ve identified your best-fit school, gotten to know the coach, and established that there’s mutual interest, all that’s left to do is sign. Once you’re accepted, you’ll negotiate a financial aid package (with the help of NCSA’s experienced financial aid experts), and you may sign a National Letter of Intent. At this point, the recruiting process is over, and you’ll be on to the next stage of your journey: working toward a degree and playing your sport at the school of your choice. If you ever decide to transfer, we’ll be there to help you through that process too. And once you graduate, we’ll help you hit the ground running in the professional world just like we did in the recruiting process.


Take the first step.

Your future is waiting for you.

Join the NCSA network today.



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