NCSA Internship FAQ's

What type of internships does NCSA offer?

NCSA offers over 10 different internships through the course of the year.  They include sports management, marketing, social media, public relations, marketing research, event operations, informational technology, software development, and video production.  Click here to view available internship opportunities. 


Where are the internships located?

All internships are based out of our headquarters in Chicago; located in Lincoln Park.


When do you offer internships?

Internships are offered during Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. 

When do I apply for an internship?

Please apply for internships during the open application period.  You can find the dates to apply on the Open Rosters page. 

**Note:  There are designated application periods for specific semesters for each internship.  If you apply outside of the designated period, you will not be considered for an internship during that semester. 


Is housing provided?

We do not offer housing for our interns.  It’s the intern’s responsibility to find housing during their internship. 


How many hours are required to work?

Each internship varies on the number of hours required to work per week.  We find the most successful interns work between 16 and 32 hours a week. 


How long does an internship last?

Internships typically last between 12 to 16 weeks, but we do have some that last six months.  Length of service will be noted in the job description.


Are recent grads eligible to apply?

Yes, recent grads that are within a year of their graduation date can apply for an internship with NCSA.


Do you offer school credit?

We offer school credit to those students who need to complete an internship in order to graduate.   Interns with school credit also receive a stipend during their internship.


Do you offer paid internships?

Yes we pay our interns!  Interns are paid on an hourly basis; unless they are receiving school credit.  Interns receiving school credit will receive a stipend during their internship.


Can I apply for multiple internships?

Absolutely! However, we recommend you apply to no more than two internships.  It’s important to focus on applying to internships you are looking to gain real world experience in the career field you are looking to go into.   


Can I apply for an internship outside of the application period?

No.  All applications received outside the application period will not be considered for that semester.