Volleyball Camps: What They Offer

Attending volleyball camps or volleyball clinics can help you during the recruiting process. Volleyball camp can be beneficial to a high school volleyball player in a number of ways.


  • Volleyball players can improve their skills with the high level of instruction and teaching provided by college volleyball coaches and players. Learning from the experts can be extremely helpful for freshmen and sophomores looking to develop into much better players.
  • Volleyball camps provide exposure to college women’s volleyball programs. But it’s extremely important to know that there’s not much chance of being “discovered” at a volleyball camp. If coaches are already familiar with you, volleyball camp gives them a chance to evaluate your talent. But if they don’t know who you are when you arrive, they probably won’t know who you are when you leave.
  • Camp lets you see how you measure up to other volleyball players. It can help highlight the skills you need to work on to keep up with other high school volleyball players hoping to play at the next level.
  • Volleyball camp can provide insight into what campus life is like. You can check out dorms, athletic facilities and other aspects of a specific college that may actually figure into your decision when choosing a school.


Choosing a Volleyball Camp

Do your research when trying to find out where to go to camp. Also, decide if you are going to camp to improve your skills or mainly for exposure.


If your reason for attending volleyball camp is to improve your skills, find out how experienced the volleyball coaching staff is, if they have a history of winning, and if they’ve got a reputation for producing top level volleyball players. Ask someone who’s been to the camp about the level of athletic talent you should expect.


If your goal is to gain exposure, go to a camp at a college that’s already recruiting you. Remember, coaches don’t do really do any scouting at camps, so go to a volleyball camp where they already know who you are. Find out what coaches will be at the camp, get in touch with them before you go, and let them know you plan to be there.



How to Choose as a Freshman/Sophomore

NCAA volleyball coaches can only send camp brochures and general information to freshmen and sophomores, so you probably have plenty of volleyball camp invites to choose from.

Coaches don’t really spend their time evaluating the talent of younger campers, but that doesn’t mean that volleyball camp can’t be extremely valuable. Besides learning skills from college volleyball coaches, you can find out what campus life is like and what you can expect from the women’s volleyball program at the college where the camp is held. It’s a good idea to attend a volleyball camp at a school that you’re already interested in.


How to Choose as a Junior/Senior

Ask specific questions when choosing a volleyball camp as a junior or senior. Find out what programs are the most interested in you and need to fill the position that you play. Contact the women’s volleyball coach at the camp you’re considering attending to find out if you are being seriously recruited, or if the coaching staff has seen your recruiting profile or skills video.


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